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Mistakes to Avoid when Relocating your Business

Moving your business to a new town or even a new country is a huge decision but once you’ve made it there’s no going back. Once moving day arrives you should have most of your preparations done but in the run up there are some mistakes to avoid, as well as some to look out for along the way. Below are just some of the mistakes you’ll need to avoid for a smooth move.

Not Hiring a Moving Company

Trying to ... Read more

Practical Relocation Tips

Five Practical Tips for Relocating your Business

If you are considering relocating your business and aren’t sure where to begin, it’s best to start with the practical points. The logistics of moving a whole business aren’t particularly straightforward but the change is often very much worth it. Here are five practical tips to keep in mind when relocating your business, from the planning stage onwards.

Researching the Market

You need to properly research the market before moving your business. If ... Read more