Fusion Assets

Link Park, Newhouse – First building completed on site

Fusion Assets is delighted to announce the completion of the first building at its latest new development – Link Park, Newhouse in North Lanarkshire.

The 20,000 sqft Enterprise Workspace was funded through the Scottish Government’s Regeneration Capital Grant Fund along with Fusion Assets own capital resources. It represents an important first step in transforming a long term vacant and derelict site into a major new strategic manufacturing, distribution and logistics location.

Link Park is located on the Edinburgh Road (A775) at Newhouse, off ... Read more

How relocation can boost your business

There was a time when small businesses stayed close to their roots. Concentrating on developing a customer base in just one part of the country. But the growth of digital technology has given SMEs the opportunity to become more mobile and even consider relocation. However, despite this, many businesses still feel nervous about relocating. But moving your company can have any number of positive outcomes for your business.

Why relocate?

When you originally set up your business you probably chose the location ... Read more