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How relocation can boost your business

There was a time when small businesses stayed close to their roots. Concentrating on developing a customer base in just one part of the country. But the growth of digital technology has given SMEs the opportunity to become more mobile and even consider relocation. However, despite this, many businesses still feel nervous about relocating. But moving your company can have any number of positive outcomes for your business.

Why relocate?

When you originally set up your business you probably chose the location that best suited you at that time. But, like with most aspects of business, things change. Over time, your existing location may no longer be suitable. A relocation may become necessary or offer potential opportunities for you and your business. It’s hard to predict the future and where your business will take you. But it’s worth taking the time to:

  • Review the way your company functions now and whether staying put fits your company vision.

  • Consider whether an office move could allow for growth opportunities.

  • Think about whether your work environment can adapt to future needs and demands.

Benefits of business relocation

Boost customer appeal

Whatever the size of your business, your customers are the lifeblood of your business. Therefore, putting their needs first is key. If your business requires you to display products, visual branding can make all the difference between securing and losing sales. Paying attention to your showroom or viewing area is vital or getting new business. It makes sense that the larger the building, the more products you can display.

A chance to grow

Many SMEs start out life in remote locations like home offices or small units. But you need a solid base if you want to expand your business. And as your business grows, so will your team. It will become harder to operate successfully from a small office. You will also need to factor in space for computers, desks and equipment. Larger, more suitable premises will allow your business to grow.

Financial benefits

It can be expensive owning and running a business. If you lease a property, rent rates can quickly swallow up a large percentage of your revenue. Therefore, it might be time to relocate. And if you move when the time is right, the gains can be considerable.

Find the right home/work balance

If you run an SME from your home, your private and working lives can often blur together. Relocating to a more suitable office space will allow you to differentiate between your personal and work life. Therefore, you can exclusively focus your attention on one area at a time – a huge boost to your productivity.

Stay ahead of the competition

The business world is a competitive place. That’s why staying one step ahead of the competition is key. Whether it’s finding a location away from your competitors or moving to a bigger showroom to maximise product display. Your location choice can become integral to competing in the big leagues.

New office, new start

There’s no doubt that business moves aren’t easy projects. But, you should look beyond the short-term cost and inconvenience. Moving offers an ideal opportunity to refresh and update your business. It’s a chance to motivate your staff, while enabling your business the opportunity to grow and develop. It encourages you to review your business’ core values and consider where you want to take your business.