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Taking your business to Lanarkshire

Right in the heart of Scotland, you’ll find Lanarkshire offers plenty of opportunities for businesses of all sizes. The entrepreneurial spirit is exceptionally strong here. During the last decade, more than 14,000 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) chose to base themselves in Lanarkshire. From the commercial and industrial areas of the north to the rich, agricultural landscape in the south, Lanarkshire is the home of opportunity for an assorted and exciting mix of Scotland’s business sectors. In fact, once, Lanarkshire was the most populated region in Scotland, profiting from a rich supply of coal, steel and heavy engineering between the mid-18th and 20th century.

A northern powerhouse for business

But while UK and international economies changed over the years, Lanarkshire reinvented itself so it could meet the challenges of the future. This Northern Powerhouse has seen a fast rise in talent as the number of businesses working in its cities grows. And it’s not just because of the cheaper rent compared to bigger cities like Edinburgh, Glasgow and London. But the benefits of working somewhere like Lanarkshire amongst other flourishing businesses is also hugely appealing.

Ideal location with good connections

Lanarkshire provides a unique position to do business in a number of different markets. Its central location, between Edinburgh and Glasgow, has become a key advantage not just for businesses, but residents and visitors too. And not only that, the region’s closeness to local towns and cities and excellent transport links is important for ensuring your staff can commute. But Lanarkshire businesses can also take advantage of the excellent connections to the rest of Scotland, UK and the world. You’ll find three international airports only an hour away. And also, direct links to the UK’s main rail lines too. Meanwhile, Lanarkshire sits right at the core of the country’s network of motorways, making the region well placed to take advantage of all new market opportunities.

Growing talent pool

Moving your business north, in particular to Lanarkshire, opens the door to a whole new and growing talent pool. Lanarkshire’s education establishments boast a variety of awards for workforce development, innovation, marketing and working with businesses. Each institution produces a number of first-class and driven graduates and PhD students each year. Furthermore, an increasing number of graduates choose to stay in northern cities like Lanarkshire, because of the relatively lower cost of living. But also, with more businesses now relocating to the north, the number of graduate opportunities is on the rise. In turn, the high number of graduates choosing to stay in northern cities gives employers a larger pool of talented graduates to hire from. It’s clear to businesses that they no longer require a big city base in order to attract the best and most talented candidates.

Benefits for all the family

It’s likely you’ll want to transfer at least some, if not all of your employees to the new site. While you may offer generous relocation packages, Lanarkshire does itself offer an excellent quality of life and lower cost of living for your employees. You’ll find average house prices significantly lower, compared to the average price in Scotland. You also will never be too far from recreational spaces, especially with its five country parks and 15 town parks. There’s also nature reserves and over 600 hectares of conservation areas. There’s no doubt, in Lanarkshire you’ll discover a tranquil country lifestyle to raise a family, alongside fantastic business opportunities and links to the major cities.