Fusion Assets

Mission Statement
Fusion Assets Ltd (Fusion Assets) seeks to use its expertise in brownfield regeneration and
commercial property development to improve the lives of the people of North Lanarkshire. Through
trusted private sector partnerships, we unlock commercial opportunities for sustainable
development, creating new infrastructure and buildings that will serve the needs of the local
community now and in the future.

Policy Scope
This ESG policy applies to all new development projects instigated by Fusion Assets and its
associated companies, as well as to standing assets owned and operated by Fusion Assets. In cases
where Fusion Assets has limited ability to influence or control ESG considerations (for example
single-let assets on FRI leases) reasonable efforts will be proactively made to encourage tenants to
share data and collaborate in ESG-related initiatives.

Fusion Assets’ purpose is the regeneration of brownfield sites for economic development and
housing, both by utilising public funds and engaging with the private sector to increase the level of
investment into North Lanarkshire. It is therefore imperative to Fusion Assets to consider material
ESG factors for every project and understand how they might impact on stakeholders. For the
purposes of this policy, ‘material’ ESG factors are defined as the sustainability risks and opportunities
Fusion Assets considers likely to impact on value creation and the outward impacts of our business
activities on society and the environment.

Fusion Assets will promote uptake of this ESG policy and the adoption of appropriate and asset
specific ESG targets by our funders, development partners, construction contractors, professional
advisors, property managers and occupiers. Fusion Assets operate in compliance with anti-bribery
and corruption, environment, health, safety and social laws and regulations. Fusion Assets actively
support innovation and actively participate in industry initiatives that advocate for change.

Monitoring and Reporting
Fusion Assets seek to identify and raise material ESG matters through regular engagement with our
stakeholders. Progress against material ESG topics and improvement initiatives will be recorded and
reported regularly to Fusion Assets’ Board.

Fusion Assets will share annual updates on progress and outcomes with investors through both
formal and informal mechanisms, to include performance versus industry recognised benchmarks.

ESG oversight is provided by the Fusion Assets Board.