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Mistakes to Avoid when Relocating your Business

Moving your business to a new town or even a new country is a huge decision but once you’ve made it there’s no going back. Once moving day arrives you should have most of your preparations done but in the run up there are some mistakes to avoid, as well as some to look out for along the way. Below are just some of the mistakes you’ll need to avoid for a smooth move.

  • Not Hiring a Moving Company

Trying to “wing” your big move is a really bad idea. You should take a professional approach as you do with all other aspects of your business. Find a firm who specialises in corporate relocation and stick with them. If you research them properly then you’ll know you can trust them with your move.

  • Hiring the WRONG Moving Company

Following directly on from the last point, you’ll have even more of an issue if you hire the wrong company, someone not suitable for your move. Make sure you thoroughly read reviews and attempt to get a full understanding of your chosen company. If you can ask others in your industry or even friends and family for recommendations then this is a good idea too.

  • Forgetting about Insurance

Insuring all of your valuables involved in the move is an absolutely essential process. If they break or get lose during the relocation it could severely impact your business so you need to ensure they are protected. Smaller valuables and those which have the most importance to your company may be worth keeping on your person or in your vehicle so you can avoid any need to worry about their transportation.

  • Leaving it Too Late

Moving too close to your move out date can result in unnecessary panic and stress. Being prepared for something to go wrong should also involve giving yourself a little bit of leeway when it comes to the final date in your old property. Being forced out because new tenants are moving in is the last thing you need if you still need tie things up at your old property.

  • Forgetting to “Move” your Online Presence

It doesn’t need to be your first thought but as you move your business elsewhere, you’ll need to work on your local SEO and marketing once again. Ensure your website is fully updated with your new address and keep your online presence consistent. Multiple listed addresses and phone numbers can have a negative impact on your business so get them changed ASAP.