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Scotland Continues to Lead for Business

Despite its relatively small size compared to other European nations, Scotland is extremely well positioned for business. Companies from around Europe and beyond relocate to Scotland due to the many benefits offered. Scottish entrepreneurs have been changing the world for centuries from the steel industry’s Andrew Carnegie to Mashable founder Pete Cashmore.

Scotland on Top

Research carried out by fintech brand iZettle found Scotland topped the table for business in areas such as confidence, support, money and balance. These are some of the core focuses which a business needs to succeed.

A further study has shown that Edinburgh is one of the best cities in the UK to launch a start-up and surrounding areas are well primed for positioning your business as it grows. Edinburgh is so popular thanks to quality internet connections, office rental prices and the talent pool of willing university graduates to draw from.

New Developments Boost Lanarkshire Economy

With innovation and growth key to Scotland’s leading position as a business hub, local authorities and councils are acting to deliver more options for business. An initiative designed to prioritise the local Lanarkshire community and business could soon deliver £101m boost to the local economy. The project, Connect2Renewables was launched in 2014 and involves the development of wind farms, offering a significant bolster to the local economy.

This is just one of many local regions which are acting to equal the opportunities delivered in the larger cities. The beauty of starting or relocating a business to Scotland is the ease of connectivity from place to place. Transport connections allow for easy access to the big cities when necessary and business park locations deliver creative and innovative environments to develop business ideas and grow.

Scotland’s track record for business cannot be argued with. Since the inventors of the 18th and 19th century it’s a country which has innovated and this is not something which looks likely to stop any time soon.