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Promising Rise in Scottish Business Confidence

Confidence is shining out of Scotland’s business sector a new report has found. Companies are reporting higher confidence in their prospect (at 41%) and also higher economic optimism (at 18%) than in previous months. These figures come from The Business Barometer which questions 1200 businesses on a monthly basis to give a picture of the economic trends across the UK but also region by region.

Scotland’s increase in positivity in the last month is the highest of any UK region and it is a positive sign for the economic growth the country and government are looking for throughout 2018. Scotland has been described as having a challenging business environment, with the uncertainty and discomfort surrounding Brexit key to this. However, business owners themselves seem to have the optimism and confidence necessary to keep things going in the right direction.

High Confidence in Transport and Communications

Both the Transport and Communications sectors in Scotland showed particularly high overall confidence, at 56% and 47% respectively. Both fields have good representation across Scotland and with developments in many urban areas to expand transport links, it’s understandable why business confidence is high.

Starting or Moving a Business to Scotland

Being surrounded by other businesses with confidence in their options and growth strategy rubs off. New businesses too must have the confidence to develop and relocating to Scotland is something business owners from other areas may consider when they see the proactive and confident way in which businesses are performing and making moves to grow and develop.

Scotland’s relatively low rental and property prices attract businesses from all over the world and the metropolitan centres offer prime locations for business meetings, seeking talent and developing leads within a business. More and more top businesses are relocating to Scotland due to this and many choose out of city locations simply to save on the costs but still benefit from the close proximity to the economic and urban hubs the country has to offer.

Scotland’s business confidence is up, and this makes it an even more attractive prospect for new and existing businesses to consider. Relocating to Scotland could enhance your business opportunities and some of that local confidence and optimism may rub off.