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More Regeneration Coming to North Lanarkshire

North Lanarkshire Council has set out ambitious and exciting futures for its town centres. The council is looking to create modern and vibrant communities where people can live, work and socialise. A new proposal has been agreed to start the transformation of town centres, with an impressive budget of £32.75 million over the next five years to support the development.

This is part of a long-term economic regeneration plan for the area and it will allow business to grow and develop, as well as attracting new businesses to the area. The redevelopment of the area is set around four core elements:

  1. Housing regeneration
  2. Business and industry
  3. Town centre transformation
  4. Infrastructure redevelopment

These four themes combine together to create an improved and regenerated region, primed to boost the economy. The ambitious plans span 30 years in total, with the hope of an additional 15,000 jobs being brought into the region.

Business and Retail Redevelopment

The council plans to work with local businesses and investors to develop and build upon the existing space in the area. Existing retail space will be transformed and there are new developments on the cards. There are plans for what are known as incubator hubs for new business start-ups, described as more relevant to the future development of the economy and this all shows North Lanarkshire’s commitment to growing and becoming an even more valuable region for the Scottish and UK economies.

The business sector in North Lanarkshire is an exciting place to be. Business hubs, parks and regeneration projects are ensuring existing businesses have the space to grow. They also provide an attractive and inviting prospect for businesses looking to relocate and start-ups looking for their base to grow and develop from.

The combination of ambitious businesses and council support has allowed the region to grow steadily and this looks set to continue.