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Choosing Removals for your Business Relocation

Relocating your business involves lots of lists, lots of decisions and lots of time and effort. The benefits of relocating are plentiful, but the initial move can be a stressful experience. Even the smallest businesses should look for ways to minimise the stress of a move and choosing a removal company removes one of these stresses, provided you pick someone you can rely on. Below are some points to keep in mind when choosing a removals company for your business relocation:

Shop Around

Don’t go with the first removals quote you get. It is worth looking around and exploring different options. Several professional quotes should be your aim before making a decision. You should look into extras like packing services too, anything to make your life easier during the relocation. The more quotes you get the better understanding you can get of the price you’re looking to pay.

Always Plan

The more information you can give to the removals company the better. Providing information about the entry points and layout of your new premises can really help. This is especially true if your property has several flights of stairs or you have bulky furniture which may need to be put in place via an alternative route.

Don’t Underestimate Time

Looking for last minute quotations is never a good idea. You will find many companies booked up and others charging much higher fees because of the short notice nature of the requirements. Give yourself several weeks between looking for quotes and your required moving date, as you can then choose the right company and take your time over the decision.

Insurance Matters

Most good removal companies will provide insurance as part of their service. This means you should be protected should any of your property be damaged, lost or broken during the removals process. You must make sure insurance is in place. You may find your business contents insurer covers property during the removal, but you should check this in advance to be sure.

If you have local business connections who you can ask for a recommendation, then this is always the best place to start. A personal recommendation you can trust is the best place to begin with any professional service. However, if you don’t have this option shopping around and keeping the above points in mind should help.