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North Lanarkshire welcomes 290 New Enterprises

The latest Scottish Government figures show that North Lanarkshire saw 290 new enterprises set up in 2017. This is a great boost for the local economy and shows we are a region which is all about business development and growth. These firms were all registered with the local authority area and the additional enterprises mark a 3.7% increase in overall registered firms.

Five of the businesses registered in North Lanarkshire are categorised as large, employing over 250 people, whereas 285 others employing 1 to 49 people were also registered. The combined turnover of businesses in North Lanarkshire has been boosted by £99 million, a huge benefit for the local community and wider economy.

Your Lanarkshire Business

Small to medium sized businesses are clearly very welcome in the enterprise culture developing in the North Lanarkshire area. Whether starting up or looking for a new home, relocating to this area is certainly looking like a smart idea at present. The number of enterprises based in North Lanarkshire has been increasing steadily since 2011 and with the council-led Business Gateway supporting new businesses in the region, businesses have everything they need to grow and flourish.

In 2017, small and medium sized businesses added 680 and 120 jobs to the local economy in the region and of Scotland’s 32 local authorities, North Lanarkshire has the fourth-highest turnover total.

Relocating to the North Lanarkshire area is a popular decision because of the great location and clear enterprising culture. With more businesses growing and more jobs available, more people will be interested in the region, boosting the talent pool even further.

The North Lanarkshire region is consistently on the up and with regeneration and redevelopment projects ongoing, scope for new and relocating businesses is huge. The opportunities in the region are plain to see and it is simply a great time to choose North Lanarkshire for your business.