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Choose North Lanarkshire for your Property Portfolio

Budding property developers may look at several different locations before deciding where to begin buying up properties and building their portfolio. The property development North Lanarkshire offers makes it an attractive prospect for both new and experienced developers. The location may not be as well-known as others but the prime opportunities it offers make it a savvy choice.

Why should you choose North Lanarkshire?

As a property developer, you’re choosing a location which is attractive to other businesses and/or potential residents and North Lanarkshire has many positives. Why should you choose North Lanarkshire, because of:

  • Great location

  • Transport Links

  • Quality of Education/Talent

  • Population

Great Location

Lanarkshire has become a hugely popular business location because it’s so centrally based in Scotland. It is right in the heart of what’s known as Scotland’s ‘central belt’ and it sits comfortably between Edinburgh and Glasgow for business meetings, commuting when necessary and to ensure you can easily connect with bigger companies in the area.

Transport Links

The central location that Lanarkshire offers is further enhanced by its fantastic transport links. Three airports are within an hour’s drive and there are easy connections to the main rail lines of the UK. Scotland’s motorway network also surrounds the area so you can access the whole of Scotland quickly and easily, as well as the rest of the United Kingdom too.

Quality Education/Talent

North Lanarkshire and the rest of the region are renowned for their great quality education which in turn translates into motivated, talented individuals looking for work, maybe with your business. The region’s own university campus is highly regarded as part of the University of the West of Scotland too.


The population of Lanarkshire makes it one of the most populated regions in the whole of Scotland. Working age population is in excess of 425,000 which means there are many ready and willing employees for new businesses coming into the area.

Developing business properties in North Lanarkshire gives any developer the chance to market to a captive audience. There are many motivated and driven businesspeople, wannabe businesspeople and talented graduates in North Lanarkshire looking for that perfect spot to start their enterprise.